Plastic Free July Art Challenge

Plastic Free July Art Challenge

1 July, 2019 @ -

Start Collecting Your Rubbish from your local area

Coastal Protection Core is proud to present the plastic free July art challenge for schools across Queensland.  Art will be Judged by a panel and winners will be rewarded with great prizes.

Rules of the Game:

  1. Schools must join and register their group name on the CPC Platform;
  2. All rubbish and debris must be collected in the month of July 2019;
  3. Use your imagination;
  4. Art must be submitted by the 20th August 2019; and
  5. Have fun

Photo: Hercules Road State School class 3D, lead by Mrs Elizabeth Greer.  Well done team.  This is the very first Coastal Protection Core Plastic Free July Art Challenge WINNER!

DATE: July 1, 2019