Beach Clean Up – Margate Beach 29th July 2018

Sunday 29th August was a fantastic day for a Coastal Protection Core Beach Clean Up at Margate Beach in Queensland! Being the last of CPC’s clean up events for Plastic Free July, it was also our largest! With an absolutely amazing showing of both new and return faces we set out to clean up the local beaches and stop a huge amount of litter (especially plastics) from ending up in the Moreton Bay Marine Park. We were excited to see a great mixture of adults, children and whole families joining in the fight to save debris from entering the waterways and thank you to everyone for the huge effort you put in!

As we were setting up the shaded area for our community members, at a glance, the entire area looked clean… what an amazing view on a beautiful sunny day! Sadly, heading out equipped with safety gloves and tongs to collect rubbish, the scale of litter left behind is daunting. It seams that the largest amounts of trash are under the boardwalks, blown into gardens edging the paths, and around the undercover barbeque areas. A huge amount of talk was going on about the overwhelming amount of plastic and cigarette butts that people were finding. Not to mention the glass and plastic bottles, empty cans and party debris left behind to damage these lovely community areas and both marine and terrestrial wildlife.

Walking and collecting waste with a group of children it is amazing to hear what they have to say about the state of the litter crisis. “Why do people just leave all of this?”, “That’s why we don’t buy poppers anymore!” the list goes on. These events serve as a great educational experience, for people of all ages. Children are discovering the need to recycle, adults begin to rethink their grocery purchases, it is really eye opening to see what types of rubbish are causing the most litter. Massive congratulations is in order for all involved! Take a look at what this amazing group of waste collectors cleared off the beach and saved from entering the waterways or injuring innocent wildlife;

Item Qty   Item Qty   Item Qty
Aerosol Can 1   Large Hard Plastic Remnants 12   Plastic Lid Rings 10
Aluminium Cans 42   Lid Seals 17   Plastic Lids 55
Balloon Remnants 26   Lighters 6   Plastic Lolly Pop Sticks 38
Batteries 2   Metal Lids 39   Plastic Straw Wrappers 59
Beach Misc. Items 2   Metal Remnants 4   Plastic Straws 62
Business Cards 3   Metal ring 11   Plastic Tags 3
Cigarette Butts 1687   Misc. Clothing Items 13   Plastic Zip Bags 9
Cigarette Packets 13   Misc. Fishing/Tackle Items 6   Plastic Zip Ties Remnants 14
Clear Soft Plastic Remnants 132   Misc. Plastic Items 5   Receipts 6
Clothing Labels 3   Misc. Toy Items 3   Remnants 5
Clothing tags 3   Motor Vehicle Item Remnants 1   Rope 1.5 mts
Coffee Cups 5   Paper Bags 3   Rubber bands 4
Construction 3   Paper Cups 2   Rubber Remnants 14
Cotton tips 4   Paper Remnants 101   Sanitary Items 3
Dummies 4   Party Streamer Remnants 19   Shoe Soles 3
Elastic 3   Pharmaceutical Items 5   Small Hard Plastic Remnants 163
Fishing Line Remnants 10mts   Pipes 4   Sports Equipment 4
Foil Remnants 21   Plastic Bags 22   Sticks 3
GEO Fab Remnants 10   Plastic Bottles 21   String/wool 16
Glass Bottles 38   Plastic Bread Clips 27   Styrofoam Remnants 73
Glass Cups 3   Plastic Coffee Lids 11   Tape Remnants 13
Glass Remnants 32   Plastic Cup Lids 16   Thongs/Sandals 7
Glow sticks 3   Plastic Cups 23   Timber 4
Hair Ties 5   Plastic Cutlery 27   Tin Food Packaging 3
Hose Remnants 13   Plastic Food Container Remnants 9      
Ice Cream Sticks 7   Plastic Food Packaging Remnants 362   TOTAL TRASH ITEMS REMOVED


11.5 mts


It is very exciting to find so many like-minded individuals in the community that give up their time to come and help out at these events, and several people even travelled a great distance to be involved. All of these people are going to make a positive impact on the environment in more than one way. These individuals will most likely discuss the findings from the event, share with others that they know, and this will all contribute to the awareness in others about changes that need to be implemented to ensure a better future for all!

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  1. What a great day at Margate beach. It was awesome to catch up with these great legends. A massive collection of waste was prevented from doing any more damage. It is amazing when you actually look what hidden rubbish you can find. Well done to everyone involved. What a learning curve for us all. I have certainly had my eyes opened.

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