Are you a not-for-profit Organisation? We want you!

Are you a not-for-profit Organisation? We want you!

We want to help your projects now! Become a key project now!

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Coastal Protection Core, a global movement by design to inspire a positive future for our marine and coastal environments. We’re making huge steps in a range of areas, including public education programs on climate change, ocean plastics, coral bleaching, ocean acidification, sedimentation, and much, much more.
Your organization could be one we would like to know a bit more about. Now more than ever it is critical for us to connect and collaborate across the globe. We are looking to support key innovative projects and organizations focused on promoting the sustainability of our oceans and coastal environments. We are currently reviewing key projects and organizations from around the globe to identify those with outstanding environmental values. It is our aim to support such projects by promoting them to a motivated audience, making them more accessible for people around the world to pledge their support.


Becoming a key supported project is easy- all you need to do is complete the online form on the link below, Complete your Organisation Profile and that you agree to our criteria. To showcase your projects, we ask for a commitment to creating a better future for our oceans, our ecosystems and our environment, and to provide regular updates on the progress of your supported projects on your profile page. We have some amazing opportunities to promote positive, innovative change across the globe and we want you to be a part of it!

We believe our oceans are not just a visual barrier to our land boundaries, but connect us as a global ecosystem. We know that the only way to a sustainable future is through global connection, collaboration and education. Our future relies on this, and its why we developed Coastal Protection Core. Still not sure you have what it takes to be part of the movement? Check out some of our videos to see how small changes make a massive difference:

If you think your project aligns with our criteria, let us know! Together, we will inspire change. It really is this simple:

  1. Complete your CPC Support Form “Registration Here”;
  2. Complete your Organisational Profile;
  3. One of our CPC Guardians will approve your Organisation; and
  4. Create and Showcase your projects.

Registration Here


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will Coastal Protection Core do for our organization?

    CPC is about building connections. Our network links people and projects around the world, resulting in better outcomes for our environment. Your project will be showcased to a global audience and have access to support through guidance, sponsorship, donations and pledges. CPC is connected to thousands of organizations, projects and influential people around the world, and we want them to meet you!

  • How do I get funding for my project?

    The first step in this process is to receive your completed Support Form and Organisation Profile. Our CPC committee will then review your projects to make sure they align with our criteria and mission outcomes. Successful projects will have access to our global database of potential sponsors and donors. Our goal is to connect your project with the right people.

  • What is the reach of CPC?

    CPC is connecting with thousands of projects across the globe, all with preserving the oceans as their core focus. Our extensive database of industry leaders, local governments and influential figures puts your project at the fingertips of people who want to help. In addition, CPC founder Mathew Davis also founded Australian Coastal and Marine Ecology. As an environmental consultancy focused on protecting the environment, ACME have provided services on several billion-dollar infrastructure projects. CPC will use these connections to further benefit your project, connecting you with industry leaders and sponsors. For more information regarding ACME follow the links below to see the change we are inspiring.

  • What other projects, organizations and NGO’s are getting involved?

    We have had an overwhelming response from organizations and projects around the globe, all with a focus on protecting our oceans. These partners are not just marine based, but cover a wide range of environmental activities, from citizen science projects and education programs to forest conservation, marine debris clean up, catchment management and more. We have strict criteria for each organization to adhere to- each project is reviewed by the CPC committee to ensure it meet our standards and helps build an inspiring future.

  • How are donations managed? Does CPC collect administration fees?

    There is a small transaction fee to cover costs. This allows us to avoid membership fees for registered organisations, maximising your project exposure to our global audience.

  • What are the reporting requirements for charity partners who receive funds?

    Charity partners must be a registered charity group to allow provision of tax receipts to donor partners. We require full fiscal and works disclosure from our charity partners- our focus is on transparency at all levels, converting donations to on-ground results as efficiently as possible, leading to a sustainable and ecologically viable future we can be proud of.

Further questions? Get in touch via email at or call us on +617 3880 2692