Julie Gilchrist

Julie Gilchrist

  • I love that people stop and save these poor marine animals… I hate that it is people putting them in danger in the first place! Good work for saving this little turtle from a horrible ending!

  • Such a beautiful shot of this sea turtle when it comes right up to the camera!

  • Amazing! Worth a quick watch! Thanks BBC Earth for the video, these little King Fu Mantis are so cool! I’m not so keen on the Jumping Spider though!!!!

  • ‘Ghost Gear’ is a real issue, thank goodness this Manta Ray found someone who could help!!!!!!! Check out some of the Coastal Protection Core key supported causes working to help fix this problem, “Global Ghost Gear Initiative” by “World Animal Protection” is going above and beyond!

  • I have never seen anything like the Coconut Octopus! Such an incredibly smart species!!! Definitely take a minute to check out this short video! Thank you Smithsonian Channel…

  • Thanks National geographic for this amazing time lapse video; watch a salamander develop from fertilization to hatching! Wow!!! Amazing what we can witness with amazing video tech these days!

  • Amazing footage showing how clever Octopus’ actually are! Who knew???

  • We all love getting out and enjoying the most that summer has to offer. My family enjoys the warmer months with camping… here are some helpful hints and 7 principles to ensure that you have a minimal impact on the environment whilst enjoying the outdoors!

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    We love our hermit crabs! Check out this David Attenborough video from BBC Earth with a little insight on how they change to larger shells as they grow!

  • If you want to learn more about coral reefs, take a moment to check out this video from National Geographic about the reef!

  • My mum and daughter collecting their 3 for the sea! We do this every time we visit the beach #take3

  • With a hot summer on the way Coral Bleaching is a real potential hazard around the globe! Check out this video from CPC Founder and Marine Scientist Mathew Davis to learn more about Coral Bleaching!

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  • It is so important that the future generations develop an understanding of conservation and an appreciation for wildlife. Love your work!

  • Great to see this important research happening right here on our doorstep! Can\’t wait to hear updates along the journey.

  • I met some of these little guys on North West Island when I was there on a SCUBA diving trip and fell in love! Check out the amazing survival techniques they have developed over time… what amazing specimens!!! Definitely worth watching, only goes for 2 minutes.

  • Amazing to see! Check out this beautiful footage of volunteers assisting baby sea turtles hatch and get back to the ocean. They are so cute!

  • Such a colourful video to enjoy… Beautiful sea creatures, take a look!

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    World Car Free Day is this Saturday 22nd September! Every year on this date many cities around the world encourage people to commute without cars… it’s that simple! If there are no events planned like this near you this year, you can still make an impact by going car free for thee day and stop those emissions! Awareness is the key and we can…[Read more]

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    What exactly is coral??? I found this little video from Living Oceans Foundation really great to explain the process of a reef forming! Take a quick look!

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