• Julie Gilchrist posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    The Coastal Protection Core Science Festival was a big hit! It was amazing watching all of the children getting interactive with the science activities and learning all about the environment. We’ll be going again next year that’s for sure!!!
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    • Cant wait to see the next Science festival.
      I loved the last one. Good to see so many people turn up and enjoy the activities. Great job Coastal Protection Core.

    • This was such an amazing event. My son is 5 and he had an absolute blast learning about marine life and the interactive activities. So educational.

    • We loved this event! My son is 3 and he was so interested to get involved with the hands on science activities. Great to see the kids getting involved so young. There was activities for all ages. My older daughter loved the VR goggles of the reef. We’ll be back next time for sure!

    • Will be even better next year!!